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If it's small town Hoosier hospitality you're looking for, we have it.  Burlington is located on the southern edge of Carroll County, where State Roads 29 & 22 intersect.

Burlington is over 600 civic-minded citizens who are proud of their town and it shows.  Burlington is home to one of the finest, well-kept community parks in the state.

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April 29 - Indiana Bicentennial Meeting

The Bicentennial of Indiana’s statehood will occur December 11, 2016.  The Indiana State Bicentennial Commission was appointed in December 2011 to begin planning the celebration, and since then many projects and activities have been announced—both statewide and in various localities.  Each of the 92 counties has a coordinator, nominated by the County Commissioners, and I was given that honor for Carroll County.  I’m inspired by the fact that Carroll County was recognized for its outstanding commemoration of the Centennial in 1916, and I’m hopeful that we will do as well or better this time around.

While there is no statewide funding for any projects other than the Bicentennial Nature Trust and the Bicentennial Torch Relay, there is the opportunity for many things to be recognized as Legacy Projects.  Already Carroll County has three of those:  Carroll County Newspaper Digital Archive, Flora’s Pop-Up Galleries, and the Canal’s revitalized exhibits in their Interpretive Center.  The application process is simple, and we can be successful with many more of these.

Our celebration will require the involvement of many individuals and many organizations in our county.  In an attempt to formally kick off that process, Carroll County Focus on the Future will host a county-wide meeting on Wednesday, April 29 at 6:30 pm at the Canal Center.  We will make a presentation about what is already underway and some things that we hope to accomplish.  We will also solicit ideas for activities and volunteers to lead them and answer any questions.  I hope each organization, club, church, school, township, town, and other entity as well as every annual festival, parade, and other event will come up with ways to celebrate the Bicentennial and their history between now and the end of 2016.

Please plan to attend this meeting and invite others in your community to come and participate.  This is the chance of our lifetimes to be involved!

Bonnie Maxwell