"Burlington!  Where Hospitality Is Second To None"

If it's small town Hoosier hospitality you're looking for, we have it.  Burlington is located on the southern edge of Carroll County, where State Roads 29 & 22 intersect.

Burlington is over 600 civic-minded citizens who are proud of their town and it shows.  Burlington is home to one of the finest, well-kept community parks in the state.

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Important Message from the Burlington Police Department

///FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE///                                                                                    18 December 2020

The Burlington Police Department has recently taken multiple fraud reports in town and in the surrounding area.  These incidents have occurred both in person and over the phone.  It is very important to remember not to give any personal information out to anyone you do not know.  Additionally, it should be known that no law enforcement or federal agency will ever attempt to collect a debt over the phone advising you there is a warrant for your arrest that will be voided if you comply with their instructions.

Some “red flags” to look out for include, but are not limited to the following:

   * Claiming a loved one is in legal trouble and requesting money (cash, check, credit card, gift cards,
      etc.) to avoid legal repercussions.

   * Claiming to be law enforcement or a federal agency threatening arrest for unpaid debt and
      requesting immediate payment to void/avoid an arrest warrant. 

   * Requesting payment in odd forms such as gift cards, store brand cards, pre-paid credit cards, etc. 
   * Someone (one or more) coming to your residence claiming to be with some type of legal
     organization requesting payment in any form.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about a call or an in-person visit do not provide any personal information or payment and immediately contact the Police.  There is always an uptick of these incidents around the holidays with criminals taking advantage of good people.  Please do not be the next victim.  Again, if in doubt do not provide them with anything and call the Police.

Thank you.  Please have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Burlington Police Department


Town of Burlington Solicitation Information

Individuals or groups selling items out of their vehicle or door to door must have a license issued through the town office before soliciting to persons in town limits. This license must be purchased and secured several days in advance of canvassing town.  Certain groups are exempt, such as Girl and Boy Scouts, community organizations, etc.  

For full details of the town's soliciation ordinance, click hereThe ordinance may also be viewed at Town Hall.  The application can be printed from here, but persons wishing to solicit business in town must physically appear before the town clerk to secure a license. 

Coronavirus Vaccine Information

Vaccines are available by appointment at the Family Health Clinic in Burlington. 
Call 1-800-321-5043 to schedule an appointment

Chickens and Rabbits in Town Limits

• A permit must be obtained first through the Carroll County Area Plan Commission.  They can be reached at 765-564-4468.
• No roosters are allowed.
• The sale of poultry, eggs or meat on the premises is prohibited.
•  There are other parameters in place for chickens and/or rabbits.  Refer to the Carroll County Zoning Ordinance, pages 34 and 35 for details. 

The town council has adopted the county zoning ordinance and all permits are processed through the county.