Burlington Police Department

Burlington Police Department
Golf Cart Permits are required each year.  The permit will be issued upon the requirements being fulfilled as laid out in the Burlington Golf Cart Ordinance. The annual fee is $25 payable to the town and expires on May 31 of the following year.

VIN checks can be done for vehicles/trailers in town limits.  VIN checks are $5, payable to the town.

Accident Reports are now through BuyCrash.com. 


Town of Burlington, Carroll County

Burlington is seeking a candidate to be our full time Town Marshal. We are a small community of approximately 600 civil minded residents. Our goal is to hire an individual who is community oriented and personable, yet law enforcement minded. Duties include, but are not limited to traffic enforcement, patrol, criminal investigations, enforcing ordinance violations & related law enforcement activities. Our Marshal will work in partnership with the county, local and state police agencies to identify, resolve issues, and provide public safety for the community. Our Marshal must exercise considerable judgement, initiative, and skills in a variety of situations. The Marshal must be able to act professionally without direct supervision in protecting the community. The Marshal will work with the Burlington Town Board to ensure the safety and protection of its residents.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen.
2.  Must have a valid Indiana driver’s license, with no outstanding moving violations.
3.  Must have a high school diploma, and no felonies or major misdemeanors.
May not have been dishonorably discharged from the military service.
5.  Applicants must meet all the minimum requirements set by Indiana Laws for a police officer in the State of Indiana.
6.  Must be able to supervise, schedule, and hire suitable part-time deputies to work within the Burlington department.
7.  Tier I or Tier II completed course is preferred.
8.  An extensive background investigation will be conducted.
9.  A physical agility test must be completed and passed.
10. A written test must be completed and passed.
11. A lie detector test must be taken and passed.

An adjustable scheduled 40-hour work week each 7 days is required. Call out would be required and account towards the 40-hour week.

PTO will be calculated from date of hire.  Vacation time will be calculated following completion of probationary period.  PTO must be taken within a calendar year.  Vacation hours may be carried over within limits determined by the town council.    

The starting salary will be $55,000 per year, based on 2000 hours worked in a calendar year.      A 180-day probation period is mandatory.

Possible vehicle take home option.

Civil PERF is paid 100% by the town.   

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